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SUGAR aims to address the problem of inefficient and ineffective management of urban freight distribution, a critical component of the overall urban transport system and a primary source of vehicle pollutant emissions.

SUGAR promotes the exchange, discussion and transfer of policy experience, knowledge and good practices through policy and planning levers in the field of urban freight management, between and among Good Practice and Transfer Sites.

SUGAR’s approach is structured along three main strands:

  • The refinement of policies of SUGAR Good Practice Sites
  • The development of policies in SUGAR Transfer Sites
  • The creation of interest, knowledge, tools and exchange for new administrations outside the SUGAR partnership through the Enlarged Transfer Programme

SUGAR activities are divided in three main pillars:

  • Best practices collection and analysis, identification of key performance indicators
  • Transfer of Experiences through round tables, train-the-trainer sessions and joint planning workshops, including the participation of new administrations
  • Action Plans development for all SUGAR sites through SWOT analysis and local workshops

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